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Being ‘Selfish’ Helps YOU Make Bank

One of the reasons top marketers ARE top marketers in the first place is they know when to keep their mouths shut.

When they find something which can make them huge earnings, they don’t run around telling everyone about it. Because if they do everyone turns into a copycat.

Going after the same niches, using the same methods. We’ve all seen it time-and-time again.

Your former advantage quickly becomes oversaturated. That nice little cash cow you had dries up before you eyes when this happens.

While VidReaper is a major breakthrough and advantage for marketers . . .
because now you can affordably access the video data you need for traffic and maximum profit potential . . .

I’m sure you can see how keeping untapped video gems to yourself would skyrocket your results. . .

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So, read on to discover how you can keep videos with the greatest earnings potential all to yourself.

Fast Track YOUR Vide
Marketing Results

You’re no doubt asking how you can keep top VidReaper results to yourself.

It’s really quite simple.

When you come across a video with exceptionally high traffic and earnings potential in your niche while researching with VidReaper . . .

It takes just one simple step to reserve a top video with a click of your mouse as a Pro member.

When you ‘reserve’ a video, it hides its key information from other VidReaper members.

Next, your reserved videos are automatically added to the “My Videos” page inside the VidReaper dashboard for easy access. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Only YOU will be able to see the video URL and title, effectively hiding it from other members.

This means YOU alone will profit from this insider information. Here’s how.

Hint: Success Always Leaves Clues

Google has already rewarded videos with these titles, tags and descriptions with top rankings.

Adding the same ones to your own videos sets you up for tons of FREE traffic and FAST rankings as well . . . there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and find out what’s working by trial and error.

Just copy and paste what VidReaper Pro uncovers for you, and use the results in your own videos for fast ranking success.

Speaking of fast rankings, here’s another clear advantage Pro members have over regular VidReaper members:

In-Depth Ranking Blueprints

While all VidReaper members enjoy a basic video Blueprint, Pro members receive advanced insider information inside their Blueprints.

The Blueprint will help you outrank and outearn other video marketers (even those with access to the basic version of VidReaper. )

Pro members receive a complete ranking Blueprint for EVERY video they reserve, which includes:

ALL the keywords the particular video ranks for

This is huge because you can add these same keywords to your own video descriptions. Other tools often only provide you with partial keyword results - unless you’re ready to pay hundreds per month for access.

The fact is, the more relevant keywords your videos have, the easier it is for visitors to find them.

The result? Server-melting buyer traffic surging to your videos - to explode your sales and subscriber base. You’ll see an enormous positive change in your bottom line in no time flat.

A complete listing of your reserved videos’ backlinks

Backlinks are like a ‘vote’ for your video or blog. When another site links to your videos, Google takes note. And rewards you by increasing your organic rankings in Google and/or YouTube (since Google own YouTube.)

Now, you’ll be able to find where your reserved videos are getting their backlinks from. Go out and get links from the same sources for your own videos. You’ll be able to steal traffic from the original videos.

Remember, organic search engine traffic is the most coveted traffic of all, because:

  1. It’s FREE traffic
  2. Visitors arriving from search engines are actively seeking solutions for their most pressing problems.

And YOU can give these visitors relief from their problems with YOUR products and services.

Which means you’ll be putting more money in your pocket.

And as is the case with keywords, other tools often only return partial backlink results, which can leave you frustrated and in the dark.

That is unless you have a very fat bank account and can afford the hundreds per month these other tools charge.

It’s plain to see VidReaper Pro membership has enormous rewards. However, you might be wondering. . .

“How Many Videos Can I Reserve At A Time, Matt?”

While we’d like to let Pro members reserve as many videos as they’d like, it’s just not feasible. It would not be fair to all members looking for new opportunities to dominate their niches with video.

Plus, it would create a huge demand on my servers.

So I’ve decide the fairest way to handle this is to let Pro members reserve up to 30 videos per month.

This amounts to being able to set aside a video per day for your own exclusive use.

If you used the data from VidReaper Pro to create a new video per day, you’d have 30 new cash grabbing videos EACH and EVERY month.

More than enough videos to dominate ANY niche you choose.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Anyone can make a video. But very few actually PROFIT from them.

Marketers of all stripes gain a massive advantage by securing VidReaper Pro membership.

By getting the ability to keep top videos in your niche to yourself, you’ll effectively block all other marketers with VidReaper Basic from using those videos.

Heck, you’ll even be able to reserve videos and hide them from other VidReaper Pro members.

You’ve just eliminated most of your competition in one swoop.

Not to mention, you’re already WAY ahead of the game because VidReaper not only find keywords and titles for you. . . it also find the best IDEAS for your videos.

You’ll never have to spend hours in slow, mind-numbing research again.

This is Only The Start Of The Results With VidReaper Pro

  • Product creators can generate instant audiences< for their products - WITHOUT needing paid traffic, or waiting months for SEO efforts to kick in
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  • Any marketer can enjoy FAST rankings and niche domination<, no matter what their focus is

With VidReaper Pro you’ll easily leapfrog over your competition in the search engine rankings.

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Now this sounds fantastic. Who doesn’t want MORE highly targeted free traffic?

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